Committed to comfort in every way, Cheeseboy is helping to redefine the quick-service restaurant landscape with delicious and affordable grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, sides, and other premium products served in high-traffic locations by a professional and welcoming staff.

Founded in 2009, the company has multiple locations across the Northeast. After a successful market test at country fairs in Connecticut during the summer of ‘09, Cheeseboy opened its first location in Milford, CT. With customers and media raving about the food and the concept, Cheeseboy opened its second location at Boston’s South Station Train Terminal in October, 2010. Five more locations followed in 2011 in New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. In April of 2012, Cheeseboy opened its first location in New Jersey. In 2013, Cheeseboy continued its expansion with two additional locations at the Darien, CT northbound and southbound travel plazas and also opened its first in-line fast casual restaurant in Downtown Crossing, Boston.

The company is continuing to expand and looks forward to bringing its comfort food to as many people as possible in the coming years.

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